What Scares Me Most

What Scares Me Most About Having Another Baby Is…

I hate articles like this. It basically talks about how traumatic her recovery from birth was. It’s articles like this that almost made me get an elective csection. I respect her experience and I’m sure it was hard, it is by no way how every vaginal birth is.

Both my birth and my recovery where absolutely bareable. I almost said painless but that would a lie- I had stomach cramping the first day or two from a shrinking uterus (which no woman should mind since it means your belly pooch is getting smaller) and some back pain from the epidural… But other than that? I was up and running the DAY I give birth, right after I could feel my legs when the narcotics wore off! …and I haven’t stopped running around.

I had no trauma to my vaginal area. I got one tiny tear that my obgyn actually pondered about whether it should be stitched up or not… And I have the normal post partum bleeding and maybe one hemorrhoid. I say maybe because it doesn’t hurt… Neither does that one stitch she put in. Lol maybe that just means I’m completely desensitized down there but I don’t think so :p I can definitely sit up properly and it definitely doesn’t look like a “bomb exploded” in my private areas. In fact it looks exactly the same after a couple days and even I can’t believe I pushed a 7 pound baby out of there.

I’m not sharing my experience to brag about how much my birthing experience was so much better than yours, but during my entire pregnancy I didn’t come across a single story that wasn’t horrendous. I was scared shitless about giving birth because of this. I think women need to realize that giving birth is what your body was MEANT to do. I can guarantee I’m not just the only lucky one who got through it without a bruise (or an episiotomy).

I am SO glad I didn’t get a csection- I’d still be in pain right now. An elective csection would’ve been 1000x times worse than what I actually went through with a natural vaginal birth. Actually infinite times worse since this recovery was no big deal at all!

So please, don’t stress out. Get that epidural (or don’t) and just trust your body. And probably stop reading into all these articles that are just written to create a frenzy. Good news doesn’t sell, right?

And PS another good thing about giving birth: Your boobs look FANTASTIC afterwards. Mine are twice as big and perkier than they were in high school lol. They do hurt sometimes though and leak through my shirts if I’m not careful and squirt milk on everything and everyone… But look great while doing it! Lol